A Big Surprise

A Big Surprise

Exactly two years ago today, I had an itch that needed to be scratched. My day-to-day life was seriously lacking in the creative department – I had more energy to create and express myself than I knew what to do with and no good way for me to release that energy into the world. So I took a leap of faith and signed up for a WordPress.com account.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but I never imagined this wild adventure of writing and creating for [ a sip of my coffee ] would lead me to this moment almost two years later. My little corner of the Internet has taught me more things about technology, writing, design, and my own strengths and weaknesses than I ever thought possible and I am celebrating this anniversary in a really exciting way.

When I decided I wanted to start a blog, I did so in the mindset that I would write things I thought other people wanted to read and the result was… less than stellar. I vividly remember writing a post about how I stayed motivated to go to the gym (kind of an L O L now). I remember getting bored and blocked about halfway through the list – I’m embarrassed by it now, but remembering those moments is how I have been able to grow and improve as a writer and creative.

I quickly realized that I needed to find that elusive “authenticity” so many popular bloggers (looking at you, Nicolette Mason, Courtney Kerr, Rach Martino, Kate JohnsonSuzie Bonaldi, I could go on and on) embody on the daily, so I took a good hard look in the mirror (also known as the sleeping desktop screen) and decided to make a change. I started producing content that would like regardless of who else was paying attention.

I’m obviously not nearly at the same level as those fabulous women I mentioned above, but I know I can keep pursuing this passion project of mine with the integrity that everything I put out there comes from my heart. (Even if it’s just about turtlenecks. It makes sense then, that the idea for the new [ a sip of my coffee ] online store (that’s right – you read it correctly!) was born in similar fashion.

I’ve always loved graphic tees – my taste has certainly been refined from the Happy Bunny days in middle school, but there’s something about broadcasting a sassy sentiment to the world that – especially when paired with a bold lip – makes me feel like I’m unstoppable. My craze for feminist-y graphic tees started back in election season when I sought out to find a “nasty woman” shirt and ended up with one from Amazon and the one in this post that I got from the Hillary campaign store.

I never got the shirt I had envisioned, though, and I still haven’t seen one that comes close on any of the sites I trust enough to shop.

That’s where the [ a sip of my coffee ] store comes in.

I’m not sure if anyone will ever actually buy anything (I mean – I hope you will and that you’ll enjoy every single purchase you make) but the reason I wanted to launch this store was not to become rich. I just want to share my creations with the world in a new way while also helping men, women, and everyone in between find a new t-shirt or sweatshirt or phone case that they might fall in love with.

That being said, I know launching a store with this kind of merchandise comes with some muddy waters. My intention is not to sell feminism as a commodity that’s trendy and perfect and easily consumed. My flavor of feminism, at least, is anything but – it’s messy and complicated and flawed and constantly changing and not always easy to swallow. But as an outspoken and unapologetic feminist (among other things) who enjoys a sassy graphic tee every now and then, I am hard-pressed to believe that I’m the only one of my kind.

My intention is also not to ostracize people who don’t think the same way I do or hold the same opinions as me. I know this country – and this world, for that matter – is rich with diverse opinions and beliefs and I think now is a critical time to have honest and straightforward conversations about these topics. (Honest and straightforward, however, does not equate to antagonistic or disrespectful. If you want to have a conversation with me about these things, I would be delighted. But I will not tolerate intolerance.)

I also want to make sure you know that I need your feedback! If you have any ideas for new merchandise or suggestions for ways to improve my collection, PLEASE let me know. As always, I enjoy constructive criticism and helpful feedback, so if there’s something you want to see, I want to make it happen!

For a sneak peek of the merchandise that will be available on the [ a sip of my coffee ] store, check out the gallery below and don’t forget to shop around when the store launches on Friday, July 14 at 4:00pm EST!

Do you think you’ll be making a purchase from the new [ a sip of my coffee ] store? If so, what do you think will end up in your cart? Is there anything you already know you’ll want to see? Leave a comment and let me know!


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