a sip of my coffee about Kaiti Norton

Hi there! My name is Kaiti.

I’m a 20-something college graduate with degrees in English and Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Louisville. I love reading good books, trying new face masks, napping, cooking, and singing songs I don’t know the words to. I’m a proud cat mom who’s always in the mood for a good kitty cuddle. I’m a beauty junkie, clothes hoarder, and lover of all things #girlboss.

sad boyscout

I’m the sad boy scout-looking one on the left. And that’s my sister, Lauren, on the right.

The grounds for a [ a sip of my coffee ] were brewed late one night when I was about a pot and a half deep into a final paper for one of my classes. I realized that writing is something I do, in fact, really enjoy and that this kind of outlet was exactly what I needed. A few short months later when summer rolled around, my blog (then called “The Collegiate*”) launched in June of 2015. I quickly realized that what I thought my blog was supposed to be was not actually what I wanted, so I changed the title, bought my own domain name, and started writing content that would be proud of and willing to read even if no one else would. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I try to live my life like a good cup of coffee. Always in the background, pepping people up, giving them the motivation to go after their hopes and dreams. I want to inspire people to embrace their inner weirdness and be nice to one another, so the world might be a more beautiful place in the process. I don’t know if talking about makeup and my favorite cookie recipe (which is my Nana’s Monster Cookies, in case you were wondering) is the way to do that, but I always say the only way to find out is to try. My hope is that by reading my blog – taking a sip of my metaphorical coffee, if you will – you’ll learn things (about the world and yourself) you never knew you never knew. (Bonus points if you caught the Pocahontas reference.)