November 2016 Wishlist

November 2016 Wishlist

It’s FINALLY starting to feel like fall in Louisville, which has kept me thinking about all of the new things I want to try this season. With gift-giving season coming quickly around the corner, I’ve been perusing my favorite online stores for the perfect things to give my friends and family and I couldn’t help but make a mental note of things that keep catching my eye. I mean if you’re giving gifts to everyone you love, why should you be excluded from that list? #TreatYoSelf, amirite? Since my wallet is kind of limiting on the self-love front, I have made a wishlist of all the things I’m obsessing over for fall.

H20+ Beauty’s Skincare Line

november wish list

When I was first introduced to H20+ Beauty at Create & Cultivate Atlanta, I was skeptical at first. I am incredibly particular about what skincare products I incorporate into my regime, but man oh man was I impressed. The representative at the H20+ Beauty pop up shop tested the products on the back of my hand and I was absolutely blown away. I don’t like it when cleansers are greasy or sticky or full of complicated ingredients that make me question how beneficial it actually is. I don’t like it when moisturizers are too thick or slimy or smelly. And it is actually impossible for me to jump on the bandwagon for a product that irritates my sensitive skin.

Thankfully the products I tried didn’t fail under any of those requirements, which means I have a new skincare line I’m itching to try. I really like having a routine that involves products from the same line – I don’t know how true it is, but something inside of me thinks that they work in tandem to make each product work better. I’ve been using First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser, Anti-Redness Serum, Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer, and Ultra Repair Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream since mid June and I am ready for a change. I’m happy with what I have, but sometimes it’s nice to explore your options, ya feel?

Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt

november wish list

I hate pants. Really. Unless they’re made of soft, stretchy modal cotton, putting a garment on your lower half that does nothing but constrict your range of motion – and by extension, your true #GirlBoss potential – is a gruesome crime against humanity. I am constantly looking for ways to avoid wearing bottoms with a zipper-and-button closure, but sometimes just wearing dresses all the time can get a little dreary, too. I’m too short to really rock the maxi skirt look, which is pretty much on its way out anyway. I have a few skater-style skirts in my wardrobe, but I don’t particularly enjoy the feeling of wind blowing through my leg hair, so shaving is usually a must.

Enter the midi skirt. A lustful combination of style and waist-down freedom, midi skirts are just about everything a girl could want in an ensemble-enhancing article of clothing. But not just any midi skirt could make me drool. Oh no, I’m always looking for something eye-catching – which explains why I was attracted to the Studio Pleated Metallic Skirt from Eloquii like a fish is attracted to shiny stuff. I can just see myself going on holiday excursions with this bronze-y number and flaunting my virtually unlimited range of leg and waist motion.

Tie Waist Cape Coat

november wishlist

When I pulled out all of my fall/winter clothes to swap out for my spring/summer ones, I was welcomed with a dreaded case of the out-grown. I’ve admittedly put on some ell bees since it was cold enough to wear some of my favorite cold-weather items, so I think I will be going through my closet and finding things to donate/sell sometime in the next few weeks. If and when I get a few pennies to spend on things that actually fit me, this coat will definitely be toward the top of my list.

The whole cape trend is really interesting to me. It’s so much better than the whole “drape” way of styling a regular jacket or coat, which to me says “I can’t commit to putting my jacket on or taking it off so I’m just going to throw it over my shoulders and hope it stays in place.” True capes, in my opinion look so much more elegant and are reminiscent of the 1930’s. This Studio Tie Waist Cape from Eloquii is a perfect balance of trendy and timeless – I can definitely see myself rocking this vintage-inspired coat in 5, 10, even 15 years.

Leather Biker Jacket

november wishlist

Another staple I’m looking to add to my collection this season is the iconic leather jacket. Talk about timeless, amirite? I had a brown pleather jacket when I was in high school – it was well-loved and was put to rest a few years ago. Since then I’ve been craving something to wear on those days when it’s chilly, certainly, but not so frigid that you need to go full-out parka. I’ve tried layering a cotton hoodie with a denim jacket for that effortless *cool* vibe, but deep down I felt like I was betraying my one true love.

There is absolutely nothing that makes me feel like I can take on the world like a bold shade of lipstick, a sassy pair of heels, textured hair that makes me look a little less put-together, and a badass leather jacket like this Ultimate Biker Jacket from ASOS Curve. I’ve never smoked anything and I probably never will, but I feel like this jacket would make it tempting to say the least. To channel my inner Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Joan Jett, Olivia Newton John, Madonna, or other leather jacket-donning, insanely confident woman, this one will surely do the trick.

Black Patent Leather Loafers

A very wise woman once told me to invest in bags and shoes because they’re the only things that you never have to worry about not fitting in 10 years. I don’t even want to count how many pairs of shoes I own – or bags, for that matter. The right pair of shoes can make an entire outfit complete. I firmly believe that.

On the other hand, though, the wrong pair of shoes can completely underscore the message that’s trying to be sent. You wanna look edgy? Well those black combat boots with the blue plaid lining look a little more juvenile than edgy. Going for the innocent good-girl look when you go to meet your significant other’s family? Those floral print pumps are just a hair too tall to really be convincing.

These Calvin Klein Women’s Black Elin Pointed Toe loafers are simple enough to be versatile and yet interesting enough to make a statement. They can be paired with some cropped trousers (admittedly, one of the few pairs of pants I would put on my body willingly) and a flow-y blouse or a pair of black tights and a satin a-line dress. They’re polished enough to be dressed up and classic enough to be dressed down.

Dark Faux Fur Vest

november wishlist

So I’ll admit – I’ve never been a huge fan of fur. I think it can be a little gaudy sometimes and I’ve never really found a good reason for it. At least with food and even leather goods there’s some sort of practical justification that can be made for an animal losing its life. But what benefit does a fur vest really serve?

Recently, though, I’ve been really intrigued by different textures being worn together. Since velvet has recently become so popular, I think a fur vest would add a lot of dimension and interest to a wrap dress or dramatic sleeve. This Dikoaina Long Hair Faux Fur Vest is exactly what I have been envisioning at a price point that makes it okay if it goes out of style after this year. (Especially since it’s Prime eligible!!!)

Cat-Eye Glasses

november wishlist

I wouldn’t really say that I’m a collector of anything, but if there’s something I probably have more of than the average person, it’s glasses. I realized that I had poor vision when I was in middle school and my first pair of glasses kind of looked like science lab goggles. They were a little too narrow for my face, though, and they squeezed so much that I couldn’t wear them for extended periods of time without getting a headache. So right before I took the ACT for the first time, my mom took me to the optometrist to see about getting my first set of contact lenses.

I can endure most annoyances pretty well. I had braces for 4 years so toothaches don’t really bother me. I’ve never been tender headed so I can deal with tight braids and whatnot. Even as I’m sitting here writing this, the construction crew working on a building renovation down the street is blasting Spanish music and there’s a beeping noise from one of their machines that would probably make the average person go a little nutty. The only thing I absolutely cannot handle, however, is eye irritation. As soon as my contacts would go dry, it became all I could think about. I would stick my dirty ass finger in my eye to try and relieve the annoyance it was causing, but usually to no avail.

Then I decided that I wanted to try a different pair of glasses so my mom took me to the optometry office at Walmart and let me pick out a pair. They were men’s glasses that looked kind of retro and I loved them. I wore them all the time, too, until finals week last fall decided to eat them. I’m not kidding. I still have no idea where they might be.

That’s where Warby Parker comes in. In my desperate search for a new pair of glasses that wouldn’t break the bank, I discovered this company that is kind of like the TOMS of eye wear. For each pair of glasses you buy, another pair is distributed to someone in need. Plus, most pairs start at $95, which I think is a total steal. I have purchased 3 pairs of glasses and one pair of prescription sunglasses from them and I have never been disappointed. Their customer service is absolutely top notch, too, so I highly recommend them to anyone in the market for some new eye wear.

I see glasses as another awesome form of style and self-expression. That’s why I have been dreaming about these really unique Louise cat-eye glasses in Birch Tortoise. They also come in a nifty acrylic-looking pink named Elderflower Crystal – I mean how cool is that? I have a pair in a similar color, so I think I want a more wearable version for these.

Do you have a wishlist of things you’ve been coveting lately? Anything new you’ve been wanting to try? Leave a comment and let me know!


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